Voting System using VB.Net and MySQL with Source Code

The Voting System using VB.Net and mySQL with source code is intended for the PHINMA-University of Iloilo Student Council National and Local Elections.

This voting system source code allows the student to vote automated without the use of paperwork.

Also, the Voting System source code using VB.Net automatically tallies the votes of the students as well as gives a statistical program to identify how many students have voted in their respective departments.

The Voting System source code using VB.Net was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, SAP Crystal Report for the reporting, and the database application used was XAMPP(MySQL).

Voting System using VB.Net and MySQL Features

The Voting System source code using VB.Net and mySQL consists of four categories, the Activation form, the Voting form, the Statistics form, and the Administration form.

Please be reminded that each system has only one database.

Activation Form Features:

  1. Retrieves student’s activation column if it is activated or not.

Voting Form Features:

  1. Gets the student’s details and verifies if the student has activated his account and redirects to which department the student belongs.
  2. An interface where the student can vote for the National and Local candidates. (Local candidates are running from their respective departments).
  3. Easy confirmation process.
  4. Vote-once mechanism, the student cannot vote anymore after casting his/her votes.

Administration Form Features:

  1. Shows the student’s details (e.g. if voted or if activated)
  2. Shows the accumulated votes by each candidate (National and Local)
  3. Shows the student’s voted archive (for double checking or if a student complains)
  4. Shows administrator’s logged-in and out details

Statistics Form Features:

  1. Shows the percentage of votes and not in each department.
  2. Shows the overall percentage of voted and those who did not.
  3. Real-time update of statistics.

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