Event Tallying with Voting System Using PHP and MySQL Database

Event Tallying with Voting System Using PHP and MySQL Database is a system that is incredibly useful especially when you use it in school event and voting process. The voting of candidates for President, Vice President, Secretary, etc. are done electronically and the result after casting all the votes or the winners can be seen in the Reports. Same as, in the Events the winners will be then identified when all the games ended with the help of this Event Tallying with Voting System. This system is easy to register for and very easy to use.

These are the features of Event Tallying with Voting System Using PHP and MySQL Database:


  • add, update and view students information


  • add, update, view and remove candidates


  • add, update and view events
  • Set a winner on the specific events

Manage Users

  • add, update and view user profiles


  • Events
  • Candidates
  • Tally of Votes
  • Election Winners


  • login student id
  • vote a candidate

Login and Logout

Download and install the following system requirements:

  • XAMPP 1.7.4-VC6

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Download the complete Event Tallying with Voting System Using PHP and MySQL Database source code here.

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