Point of Sale and Inventory System Source Code VB.NET

Point of Sale and Inventory System Source Code VB.NET

Good Day ItsourceCoders! Today I will be sharing a Point of Sale and Inventory System Using Visual Basic 2008 with MySQL Database for the back end.

Point of Sale and Inventory System Source Code VB.NET

  • Barcode support

  • Inventory system

  • Point of Sales

  • Stock Master (Stock in and Stock Out of Items)

  • Item Category master

  • Different types of Reports (Daily Sales, Monthly Sales, and Remaining Sales, etc… )

  • Product inventory according to unit of measures

  • In order to appreciate the project run the source code.

Account Information:

Username: c1

Password: c1

Note: To successfully run the project, you need to create a MySQL Database.

Steps on how to set up the Point of Sales and Inventory System

  1. Open http://localhost/phpmyadmin in your browser
  2. Create a new Database and name it as “posdb”
  3. and Import the “posdb” database that can be downloaded in Step 4.
  4. Download the database here.o—>posdb (1)
  5. Download the installer here. o—>Point of Sale Installer
  6. Run the Installer

Another Note: You need crystal reports 8.5 to run the source code. If you don’t have crystal reports you can still open the source code but unable to run the reports.

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