Hospital Information Management System Using Visual Basic 2008 with MySQL Database

Hospital Information Management System VB.Net Projects

The Hospital Information Management System is a project with complete features. This project is created using visual basic 2008 and MySQL database.

All of the users of the system have completely different functionalities to complete every task to work.

Feature of Hospital Information Management System VB.Net Projects


  • access solely physical module.
  • physical Doctor will read the appointment that assigns by the nurse.
  • will generate a report into their module.

The Dental Doctor

  • Will access solely the dental module.
  • Can read the appointment that assigns by the nurse.
  • And generate report into their module.

The Administrator

  • Can access all module within the system.
  • add new users to the system.
  • Manage all the reports within the system.

System General Objectives

To develop a Hospital Information Management System that could address the issues that occurred in each manual system.

System Specific Objectives

  1. Provide the standard coverage of records that transacts.
  2. Manage physical and dental check-ups services.
  3. Deliver quick and reliable service on a real-time basis.

System Scope and Limitation

The scope and limitation of the system is to develop a machine-controlled primarily based system for a check-up.The system provides a customary quality for security that had 3 users to access admire the Nurse, Administrator, Physical Doctor, and Dental Doctor.

A system administrator has access to all modules.

List of modules

  • List of inventory,
  • Consultation,
  • Physical,
  • Dental,
  • and Reports.

Continuation of Scope and Limitation

A nurse will access solely the list of inventory and report. Next, the nurse will update and add inventory drugs and instrumentation. A complete report will be generated from the appointment.

The history report is to come up with a report that has access within the appointment. The Doctor has a similar procedure in Physical Doctor Module

Set up the Hospital Information Management System

Step 1: Download the full Source code here.

Step 2: Extract the file. and Create a Database in MySQL

Database Name: kcccims

After your Extract, look for the kcccims.sql file and import it to your database.

Step 3: Run the system.

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