Jocris Motor Parts Sales and Inventory System Using VB.Net and MS Access


This Sales and Inventory System Using VB.Net and MS Access is a software-based System that can simultaneously track the inventory and sales activity. It contains transactions of entry records of the products purchased, price, customer,  and date and also updating inventory levels. This software is integrated with the barcode scanner for fast processing of sales transactions.





This system was created using Visual Basic 2008 and MS Acess for the database of the system, and Crystal Reports.


Features of this Inventory System Using VB.Net:


  • Product  (Register New Product, Listing Product )

  • Transaction (Stock-in of Product,  Selling of Product)

  • Inventory Reports

  • Tracking Sales

  • Manage User

  • Login and Logout


Username : admin

Password : admin


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Download the full source code here:


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