Load Data While Scrolling Page Down with jQuery Ajax, PHP and MySQL


loadMoreJqueryImageLoad more is usually seen on a website that has no pagination in the page. This functionality has a power to do infinite loading data from the database without refreshing the page. With the combination of jQuery and Ajax, fetching result from a page to another is just a breeze.


Below are the step by step process that you should do.


  • Create a database in the MySQL and name it “subjectdb”.
  • Do the following query for creating a table in the database that you have created.
  • Insert the following records in the table that you have created.
  • Create a page for the configuration of MySQL Database and PHP script. Name it “config.php”.
  • Create a design for the landing page and name it “index.php”.
  • Create a script for fetching a result from the other page.
  • Create a page for loading data from the MySQL database. Name it “loadresult.php”.


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