Test Bank System of Kabankalan Catholic College


This KCC TEST BANK SYSTEM provides a set of a module the test bank manages in terms of examination and generate a question, examination results, and reports. All of the users of the system have different functionalities to use the system.

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The Dean

The dean can access all of the modules of the system. The dean can add new users of the system. The dean can add new module and questions. The dean can set new question examination. The dean can view all result of the student`s examination. The dean can print the result examination of student failed or passed.

The Teacher

The teacher can add module and question. The teacher can set new question examination. The teacher can view all result of the student`s examination.

The Student

The students can only access the test examination of the system. The student can view the mistaken answer and correct answer. The student can view the mistaken answer and correct answer.

System General Objective

This System was created to design and develop that provides fast and transaction, minimize the manual set of examination to the students then monitor the previous answered after the examination of the students. And can generate essential reports.

System Specific Objectives

To accomplish this objective, the following actions are included:

  1. To provide an easy and fast system in generating sets of examination.
  2. To provide a reliable and easy to manage records and generating results.
  3. To record all of the examination done and generate fast examination reports.

Scope and Limitations

The researchers aim to develop a Test Bank System that is LAN based examination method of the student who’s a reviewer for taking board examination of KABANKALAN CATHOLIC COLLEGE. Since the school is still using the manual system in terms of creating questions for examination and reports. The system is consisting of significant modules in order to make the task of the dean and teacher’s easy and for the student fast and reliable.

The system provided a security module, which had three users to access such as the Dean, Teacher, and Student. The Dean can fully access all of the modules of the system namely home, create, user, view, reports and item that some would disabled if the teacher and student log on.

As for the Teacher, Home, Create, Test, View, Reports, and Item where the modules could be viewed. In the Home module, the selections were the log out and exit then, the Create module, the Selection was set of  Module which is a description, Question, and Test when generating set of question for examination.

The View module, the selection was BITE and TEA wherein it could view all the data of results after the examination, then the Reports the selection was also BITE and TEA wherein to know if the student had passed or failed.

And on the Item module, the selection was only the analysis wherein it could view all the data after the exam if what question the students had been mistaken, to recognize the 0 was wrong and 1 was correct.

The system will only limit to the user of the system. The system was LAN-based; the examination was limited to the reviewer who’d take board examination, which is the Accountancy and Education. The system was only multiple choices.

Download the full Source Code here.KCCTBS01

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