ICHS Library Management System


ICHS Library SystemILOG CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Library System is a software-base system that manipulates transactions like incoming and borrowing of books. It also tracks the records of the borrowers if they have returned it, lost it or not returned on the right time. This Library System has a time control that limits the transaction during office hours only.


ILOG CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Library System was created in Visual Basic 2008 and MySQL for the database. It was integrated by a barcode scanner to easily retrieve books and borrowers.


These are the following features:


  • Transaction (Borrow,Return,Penalty,Lost and Replace)

  • Inventory

  1. Books (Borrowed, Returned,Lost, Replaced)

  2. Borrower (Overdue, Settled ,Penalties)

  • Books (adding, Updating, Listing)

  • Borrowers (adding, Updating, Listing)

  • Manage Users  (adding, Updating, Listing)

  • Reports (Monthy, Weekly, Daily)

  • Settings (Students Year, Students School Year)

  • Login and Logout


For all students who need programmer for your thesis system or anyone who needs a sourcecode in any programming languages.  You can contact me @ :


Email – [email protected]

Mobile No. – 09305235027 – tnt


Download Sourcecode

Database Here


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