Complete Award Automated Recording System using VB.Net

Complete Award Automated Recording System using VB.Net

The Complete Award Automated Recording System using VB.Net is intended for recording the awardee’s information without the use of pen. The Complete Award Automated Recording System using VB.Net has several features that is suited especially in colleges or universities.

The Record Management System project is written in Visual Basic.NET. The project is built on the idea of keeping track of various stock goods. When it comes to the project, it has a login system.

The item’s records are divided into two groups. They come in a package and are extras. A user must specify the model, CPU, hard disk, RAM, graphics card, case, and price in order to save a package item. He or she must also provide product type, name, manufacturer, and prices when adding spare parts.

This straightforward system is primarily concerned with the maintenance of computer parts records. The user just selects an item and then clicks the button to update or delete it. The system shows total items in a list view that shows all of the records that are available.

Complete Award Automated Recording System features are:

  1. Students – add, update and delete student info.
  2. Awards – add, update and delete award info.
  3. Program – add, update and delete program info.
  4. Evaluation – allow teachers or deans to evaluate an awardee.
  5. Backup and Restore – backup and restore your database in a flash.
  6. Reports – allows admin to print records automatically.
  7. Awardee – add, update and delete awardee info.
  8. Points – allows admin to view accumulated points by an awardee.
  9. View Certificate – allows admin to view attached certificates during adding of awardee.

Database Name:


RAR Extraction Password:

Password: luffypirates

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To download the source code, click here.

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