Clearing Text Controls using VB.Net with For Loop Statement

Clearing Text Controls using VB.Net with For Loop Statement

In this tutorial, you will learn how to Clearing Text Controls using VB.Net with For Loop Statement easily without making any long codes just to clear all the controls inside your form.

First you need to open your Microsoft Visual Studio IDE and create new project, name it as you please.

Then, drag the objects like textbox and combobox in your blank form as many as you like.

The Properties of the TextBox Control

The following are some of the commonly used properties of the TextBox control −

Property Description
1. AcceptsReturn Gets or sets a value indicating whether pressing ENTER in a multiline TextBox control creates a new line of text in the control or activates the default button for the form.
2. AutoCompleteCustomSource Gets or sets a custom System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection to use when the AutoCompleteSourceproperty is set to CustomSource.
3. AutoCompleteMode Gets or sets an option that controls how automatic completion works for the TextBox.
4. AutoCompleteSource Gets or sets a value specifying the source of complete strings used for automatic completion.
5. CharacterCasing Gets or sets whether the TextBox control modifies the case of characters as they are typed.
6. Font Gets or sets the font of the text displayed by the control.
7. FontHeight Gets or sets the height of the font of the control.
8. ForeColor Gets or sets the foreground color of the control.
9. Lines Gets or sets the lines of text in a text box control.
10. Multiline Gets or sets a value indicating whether this is a multiline TextBox control.
11. PasswordChar Gets or sets the character used to mask characters of a password in a single-line TextBox control.
12. ReadOnly

Gets or sets a value indicating whether text in the text box is read-only.

13. ScrollBars Gets or sets which scroll bars should appear in a multiline TextBox control. This property has values −

  • None
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Both
14. TabIndex Gets or sets the tab order of the control within its container.
15. Text Gets or sets the current text in the TextBox.
16. TextAlign Gets or sets how text is aligned in a TextBox control. This property has values −

  • Left
  • Right
  • Center
17. TextLength Gets the length of text in the control.

Next, create a button. After creating a button or dragged from the toolbox, double click that textbox and insert this line of code.

Run your system and see for yourself that after clicking your button, the textboxes inside the form are being cleared.

You can also apply this line of code if you want to clear comboboxes, here’s the sample line of code with clearing all combobox in your form:

You have created your own Clearing Text Controls using VB.Net with For Loop Statement.

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