Todo List App Django With Source Code

Todo List App Django With Source Code

The Todo List App Django is developed using Python Django, HTML and CSS. This To Do List Django provides simple and interactive interface for end-users for adding their To-dos and manage them i.e. delete or update their To-dos.

A Todo List In Django provides features such as login and register for all the users, proper authentication system, feature to update user’s profile and many more. Users can add their To-do just by clicking the add button and it will be automatically be shown in the homepage.

Watch the video to see the full running Todo List App in Django with Source Code

This Django Todo List App also includes a downloadable Todo List Django source code for free, just find the downloadable source code below and click to start downloading.

To start creating a Todo List App Django, makes sure that you have PyCharm Professional IDE Installed in your computer.

Steps on how to create a Todo List App Django With Source Code

Todo List App Django With Source Code

  • Step 1: Open file.

    First , open “pycharm professional” after that click “file” and click “new project“.
    todo list open file

  • Step 2: Choose Django.

    Second, after click “new project“, choose “Django” and click.
    todo list create django

  • Step 3: Select file location.

    Third, select a file location wherever you want.
    todo list location

  • Step 4: Create application name.

    Fourth, name your application.
    todo list create application name

  • Step 5: Click create.

    Fifth, finish creating project by clicking “create” button.
    todo list finish project

How To Run The Project Todo List App Django?

Step 1: Extract/unzip the file

Step 2: Go inside the project folder, open cmd and type the following commands to install Django Framework and run the webserver:

1. ) pip install -r requirements.txt
2. ) python runserver

Step 3: Finally, open the browser and go to localhost:8000


Run Quick Virus Scan for secure Download

Run Quick Scan for secure Download

Downloadable Source Code Below.

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The system is built fully in Django Framework in back-end and HTML, CSS in front-end. It has full-featured user interface with all the functionalities

This Article is the way to enhance and develop our skills and logic ideas which is important in practicing the python programming language which is most well known and most usable programming language in many company.

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