Student Transcript Processing System In PHP

Hello, guys I just want to share with you this system called Student Transcript processing system created 5 years ago using simple PHP and MySQL. This system can be modified easily and I hope this will help you improve your skills in programming using PHP language.


Here the following Features:

Student Side::

  • Viewing of personal Profile
  • Track Enrollment Records
  • View Enrolled Subject with Grades by Course

You can login to the student side using ID number of student.


ID number: 20004277

Password: 1

Admin Side::

  • Data Entry for Student
  • Data Entry for Course
  • Data Entry for Grade Level
  • Data Entry for Faculty
  • Data Entry for Department
  • Data Entry for Rooms
  • Import and Export Student Information
  • Import Course
  • Import Grade Level
  • Listing of Loads for Faculty
  • Add New Subject loads for Faculty
  • View Class Listing by Subject
  • Faculty can Add and Auto compute Grades for individual Students
  • Friendly Navigation using Responsive Pagination
  • View Student Enrollment Records
  • View Enrolled Subjects
  • Generate Transcripts
  • Assign New Subject to Individual Student
  • Can Remove Subjects to student
  • Student Enrollment
  • Print List of subjects with schedule
  • Scheduling of classes
  • User Management System

Example Screenshots:

Transcript processing system
Transcript processing system

Student Listing


Student Enrollment Records


Subjects Enrolled by Students

You login to the admin side using the given account:

Email:[email protected]


Download the Transcript processing system Source Code here.studentTrans

To run the project follow these steps:

  1. Create a MySQL database named “studenttransdb
  2. then Download the source code and extract it
  3. Look for the “studenttransdb.sql” file
  4. and import this file to “studenttransdb” database.
If you have some question or any suggestion please feel to contact me here.

19 thoughts on “Student Transcript Processing System In PHP”

  1. Nice project..but there is a little addition that needs to be on the system…Can all the grade level of each student be on the same page?..I.E 100 level to 400 level on the final transcript page..Thanks..

  2. this error…………………………………….
    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in F:\xampp\htdocs\studentTrans\includes\database.php:26 Stack trace: #0 F:\xampp\htdocs\studentTrans\includes\database.php(20): Database->open_connection() #1 F:\xampp\htdocs\studentTrans\includes\database.php(135): Database->__construct() #2 F:\xampp\htdocs\studentTrans\includes\member.php(8): require_once(‘F:\\xampp\\htdocs…’) #3 F:\xampp\htdocs\studentTrans\includes\initialize.php(26): require_once(‘F:\\xampp\\htdocs…’) #4 F:\xampp\htdocs\studentTrans\admin\modules\student\index.php(2): require_once(‘F:\\xampp\\htdocs…’) #5 {main} thrown in F:\xampp\htdocs\studentTrans\includes\database.php on line 26

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