How to Create Simple Shopping Cart in PHP 2019

How to Create a Simple Shopping Cart in PHP 2019

Today, I’m going to teach you how to create a simple shopping cart in PHP. The shopping cart PHP script usually available on the website that has a simple PHP eCommerce.

Watch the video here.

What is the use of Add to Cart Script?

The Shopping Add to Cart Script is useful because it allows you to add multiple order products in a single transaction. You will also see here how powerful the functionality of the session.

What are the features of PHP Shopping Cart Source Code?

This PHP Shopping Cart Source Code contains the following features.

    • Product Listing
    • Adding of Products
    • Product Updating
    • PHP Cart Removing of item.

In this PHP code for shopping cart system, it advised that you will use Twitter Bootstrap templates for you to have a beautiful design.

PHP code for shopping cart system using Twitter Bootstrap Templates
Sample screen Output of PHP code for shopping cart system using Twitter Bootstrap Templates

Let’s begin to write PHP Code for Shopping Cart System:

1. Create a MySQL Database and name it “productdb”.

Note: You can click here MySQL Database if you want to learn more about the database.

2. Execute the query for “add to cart database table” in the MySQL database.

3. Populate the add to cart database table by executing the query below.

4. Create a connection between the PHP script and MySQL Database. Name it “config.php”

Note: You can follow the tutorial Connect PHP/MYSQL if you want to have another variation in connecting PHP/MySQL.


5. Create a PHP file called “index.php” for index PHP Cart.

6. Do the following code for the cart list. Name it “cart.php.”

7. Create a PHP file called “process.php” and add the following code for removing of adding and removing of an item in the cart.

Note: The code below is a Pop-up Message Using Javascript. This pop-up message is used to display messages about the action of the user, whether successfully executed or not.



In this lesson, we learn how to make add to cart in PHP. Wherein, the output you have done here can be integrated later on to your website. I hope we can hear some feedback from you.

You can download the FULL PHP Code for shopping cart system here.

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