Ajax Shopping Cart PHP PDO

    Ajax Shopping Cart PHP PDO
    Ajax Shopping Cart PHP PDO

    This source code about Ajax Shopping Cart PHP PDO. This will be a big help for those who are developing a system that focus on E-commerce. Some of the best examples of this are Alibaba and Amazon.

    The shopping cart is an important a part of any E-commerce website that has an online selling and buying of merchandise or services. For the reason that the success rate of the web store can be determined by the convenience of whole shopping for the process!. As a result, this features is really beneficial to both the developer and the consumers.

    To run successfully the source code. Follow the given steps below.

    1. Setup the database in your PHPMyAdmin
    2. Create a database and name it as “shoppingCartDB”
    3. Download and import this database ==> shoppingCartDB
    4. Download the Full Source code. ====> Shoppingcart

    If you have any questions or suggestion about this repository, please feel free to contact me on our contact page.

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