Online Library Management System in PHP Source Code


Library Management System in PHP Source Code

Hello Guys! This project is all about library management system in PHP. The library management system in PHP source code is free to download.  This Source code can be used by the programmers who want to develop the (LMS) using PHP and MySQL.

The focus of the Library Management System:

The main focus of this library management system in PHP with source code is to help the user manage the books. According to Stuart Ferguson, Rodney Hebels, in Computers for Librarians (Third Edition), 2003, A library management system is an example of an information system. Information resources in a library collection. Regardless, they are using a computerized system or not.

Library Management System has two modules:

  • Admin Module
  • Student Module

For Admin Module Features:

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Can manage category
  • Manage author
  • Book Management
  • Admin can issue a new book to a student
  • Update the details when the student returns the book
  • Search student by using their student ID
  • View student details
  • Change own password

For Students Module Features:

  • Register yourself and after registration; they will get student id
  • Student can view the dashboard,
  • Update personal profile,
  • View issued book and book return date-time.
  • Change their password, and
  • Recover personal password.

Log in Credentials:

Admin: Username: admin Password: [email protected] Student: Username: [email protected] Password: adminclive "Online "Online

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