Free Hotel Reservation System Source Code Using PHP PDO


    Today, I will be uploading a Free Hotel Reservation System Source Code Using PHP PDO Database. This system works through a hotel’s website wherein the customers can do a secure online reservation.

    The reservation of customer can reserve multiple rooms and it will be processed in the backend system where the administrator can manage bookings, Rooms, Amenities, user accounts, and customer request. With this system, the hotel owner will be able to recognize the important key factors of technology in increasing their business bookings overtime. 

    Free Hotel Reservation System Source Code Using PHP PDO

    This project is derived from my previous source code submitted here entitled Online Hotel Reservation System Using PHP and MYSQLi. One of the Major updates in this project is the user can now reserve multiple rooms with the filter for a number of adults and children, and on the back-end, most of the functions are being coded mostly in AJAX  and Javascript format.

    In addition, the guest can easily do the online booking transaction reservation. You can only enjoy the source code if you experience this with yourself.

    Follow the given instructions below:

    1. Download the full source code here.
    2. Create a database in phpmyadmin and Name it as “justinesdb”
    3. Download the database here.
    4. Run the program.


    Login accounts:

    Username: [email protected]

    Password: 1234

    If you have any questions or suggestions about Free Hotel Reservation System Source Code Using PHP PDO, please feel free to contact me at our contact page. or send me a message on my facebook account.

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