Leave Management System in PHP with Free Source Code

Leave Management System in PHP is a PHP Project that allows you to manage multiple Companies with different departments such as administration, Human Resources, Information Technology, and many more.

Using this system, HR will be able to manage employee information can process the applied leave of each employee.

Every employee has access to the system and the employee can apply for leave online. 

Project Software Information

Project Name:leave Management System Project in Python
Abstract:A leave management system is a piece of software that makes it easier for employees to ask for time off.
Language/s Used:PHP
Type:Web Application
Leave Management System Project – Project Information

Why Leave Management System is Important?

Even though some bosses want their employees to work all the time, they still need time off to rest and recover. When an employee is overworked, they are not as productive.

Leave management is the process of handling employee requests for time off in a fair, accurate, and efficient way.

Benefits of Using a Leave Management System

A leave management system is an all-in-one platform that takes care of all employee requests for time off while making sure the business runs smoothly.

Here’s what a good software program for managing leaves does for you:

  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Removes manual interventions
  • Improves communication
  • Offers real-time visibility of data
  • Ensures legal compliance
  • Reflects your organization’s values

Features of this Leave management system in PHP

  1. Company information management system

For the company information management system, this project adds multiple companies at the same time.
Using this feature the admin can assign an employee to each and every company.

  1. Department information management system

With this feature of the Online Employee Leave Management System in PHP, the main administrator or the Human resources department can add Multiple departments per company such as the IT Department, Sales Department, Marketing Department, and the like.

  1. Leave type management system

As the main feature of this PHP project, it has the capacity to manage all leaves, view leave of all employees, and the Admin / HR can approve or Reject applications for leave.

  1. Employee Information Management System

Using this PHP project, the employee can View his personal profile, Reset password, Apply for leave online, View Leave status, and View Leave History.

  1. Secure Login/System

It is built with a secure login and logout system.

  1. User Account management

It allows you to create a user with different account types and controls.

Employee Leave Management System is written using PHP and MySQL Database.


By the way, I have a Leave Management System here in Python Version maybe you like.

Tips For An Efficient Leave Management Program

1. Know The Law

The first step to running a good leave program is to know the local, state, and federal laws that apply to your area.

This will make sure you don’t break any laws, ordinances, or rules that apply to your business.

Many of these rules are different from one city to the next, from one state to the next, and even from one industry to the next.

Talk to an attorney who knows the laws that apply to your business to make sure that your leave management program is 100% legal.

2. Understand Your Business’s Strategies and Goals

Before you can start a leave management program or improve one that is already in place, you need to know the strategies and goals of your business when it comes to time off.

Once you know what you want to achieve, you can make plans at the functional, business, and corporate levels to make it happen.

With this information in mind, you can start making your leave management program or making changes to it.

3. Create Leave Policy Guidelines

The rules for a leave policy should include things like:

  • When your business will be closed
  • What kinds of leave do you give? (e.g., sick leave, jury duty, emergency leave, etc.)
  • How your company figures out how much PTO to give you
  • How your company counts time off
  • What happens if workers don’t take all of their time off?
  • How to ask for permission to leave

Your leave policy is also affected by the culture of your company, so make sure to include that culture in your rules by encouraging employees to use the benefits you offer.

4. Incorporate Leave Options Into Standard Operating Procedures

Once you’ve set up your leave policies, add this information to your standard operating procedures.

Most businesses do this by putting the rules in a handbook for employees. For some businesses, that means getting the team together and telling them all at once.

No matter how you decide to share information about the leave program, make sure that everyone can read it anywhere and at any time.

5. Allow Leave Management Policies To Evolve

Even if you plan well, you won’t get every detail right the first time.

During the planning phase, you may be sure that a certain policy is good for both your business and your team.

But once the policy is in place and being used, you might find that you were wrong about something. It’s fine.

Leave policies were meant to change over time, so let them. Make the changes and keep looking for ways to make what you already have better.

6. Communicate Changes As Soon As Possible

When you do make changes, make sure your employees know about them as soon as you can.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to make changes to your online employee handbook and then send an email or text to your whole team telling them about the changes and where to find them.

Make sure to say when the changes will take effect so that people who have already asked for time off won’t worry.

7. Be Consistent

No matter what rules you set up for your business, you must be consistent with all of your employees.

Be flexible and understanding when it comes to pregnancy leave, disability leave, and emergency leave, but don’t decide whether to approve or deny based on sex, race, or work history.


This complete project is created using PHP and MySQLi for the backend database. The framework used in this project is Twitter Bootstrap. You can download and modify this for your personal use and to fit your client’s requirements.

Here’s the Employee Leave Management System Project free download source code below:

Download the database:

By the way, in order for you to run the system effectively, make sure to watch the video above so that you will be able to catch the full idea of this project.

To log in to this system use the following account:

Administrator account ✅

Username: [email protected]

Password: j

Employee account

Username: [email protected]

Password: j

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  2. Hi , HALF DAYS ARE nOT functioning well. if i choose halfday the available leave will not be deducted by 0.5 .. also, the roles are all the same functions. like the normal user can even change his role. Did you edit the codes before uploading?

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