Leave Management System PHP Source Code

Leave Management System in PHP Source Code

Leave Management System in PHP is a PHP Project allows you to manage multiple Companies with different departments such as administration, Human Resource, Information Technology and many more. Using this system the HR will able to manage employee information can process the applied leave of each employee.

Watch the video here on how this system works.

Every employee has access to the system and the employee can apply for leave online. Manage. 

Features of this Leave management system in PHP

Leave Management System In PHP Project Free Download

  • Company information management system

    For the company information management system, this project adds multiple companies at the same time. Using this feature the admin can assign an employee to each and every company.

  • Department information management system

    With this feature of the Online Employee Leave Management System in PHP, the main administrator or the Human Resource Department can add Multiple departments per company such as IT Department, Sales Department, Marketing department, and the likes.

  • Leave type management system

    As the main feature of this PHP project, it has the capacity to manage all leaves, view leave of all employee, and the Admin / HR can approve or Reject applied for leave

  • Employee Information management system

    Using this PHP project, the employee can View his personal profile, Reset password, Apply for leave online, View Leave status, and View Leave History.

  • Secure Login/System

    It is built with secure login and logout system.

  • User Account management

    It allows you to create a user with different account type and control.

Employee Leave Management System is written using PHP and MySQL Database.


By the way I have a Leave management System here in python Version maybe you like.


This complete project is created using PHP and MySQLi for the backend database. The framework used in this project is Twitter Bootstrap. You can download and modify this for your personal use and to fit your client requirements.

Here’s the employee leave management system project free download source code below.

Download the database

By the way in order for you to run the system effectively, make sure to watch the video above so that you will be able to catch the full idea of this project.

To log in in this system use the following account.

Administrator account

Username: [email protected]

Password: j

Employee account

Username: [email protected]

Password: j

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