Cafe Reservation System Source Code using PHP

Cafe Reservation System Source Code using PHP

The system or website is intended for the customers of Curvus Cafe to be able to make a reservation of seats and orders depending on their selected convenient time upon reservation.

It also has an Administration Module where it can cater the pending reservations from the customer and manage it to notify the customer that their reserved date, seats and orders are verified and confirmed by the management of Curvus Cafe.

The system can also notify the customer through its provided e-mail address upon reservation from the website.

Here are the features of the Cafe Reservation System Source Code using PHP:

  1. Table and Food Registration
  2. Customer Information for Reservation
  3. Selecting Seats depending on the Customer’s convenience
  4. Admin Module
  5. Cancel Reservation
  6. Confirm Reservation
  7. Email Verification
  8. Email Confirmation

Software requirements needed for this system to run on your unit are the following:

  1. Sublime Text – for PHP coding and revision of codes
  2. XAMPP – for database configuration and use

To run the source code, just import the database and copy the folder to your XAMPP/htdocs.

The version of PHP used in this source code is 5.6.

For questions or any other concerns or thesis/capstone creation with documentation, you can contact me through the following:

E-Mail: [email protected]


Contact No.: +639771069640

Ian Hero L. Lavapiez

BSIT Graduate,  soon to be MIT.

System Analyst and Developer

To download the source code, click here.

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