Autosuggestion Like Facebook with jQuery, Ajax, PHP and MySQL


AutosuggestPIIn this tutorial Autosuggestion Like Facebook, I will teach on how to create an Autosuggest in a search box like in facebook with jQuery, Ajax, PHP and MySQL database. This functionality will help you search data in the database when only knew is its keyword. For instance, the word “Facebook“.


I’m going to use Bootstrap Templates for the plugin to my design.


Let’s begin:


  • Create a MySQL database and name it “peopledb“.
  • Do the following query for creating a table.

  • Insert the following data in the table.

  • Create a configuration between MySQL database and PHP script.

  • Create page and name it “loaddata.php“. After that, do the following codes for retrieving data from the database.

  • Create a page and name it “index.php”.
  • Create a css style for the layout of your design.

  • Do these following codes for the design of your search box.

  • Finally, Create a script for the method of fetching data from the “loaddata.php”.


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Autosuggestion Like Facebook Source code: Download Sourcecode

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