Tree Ways Trading Sales Inventory System


Sales And InventoryTree Ways Trading Sales Inventory System is an automated sale and inventory process that help business owners track the stock-in and stock-out of their supplies. This inventory system is based on hardware supplies only and it was build in Visual Basic 2008 and MySQL database. In this system, you will find out what are the most sold supplies because it has a statistics that is made of Crytal Reports.

These are following features :


  • Stock Master (List Add)

  • Purchased Order (Receipt, List)

  • Stock Return

  • Customer (Add, List)

  • Manage User (Add, Update, List)

  • Settings (Category, Unit)

  • Reports (List of Products,List of Stock Products,

    List of Sold Products, List of Return Products, List of Damage Products, List of Purchased Products,Statistics)

You can access this system using the following accounts:

Username: admin

Password : admin


For all students who need a programmer for your thesis system or anyone who needs a source code in any programming languages. You can contact me @ :
Email – [email protected]
Mobile No. – 09305235027 – tnt


Download Sourcecode

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