Chat Program In Java With Source Code

The Chat Program in Java is a fully functional desktop application written in the Java programming language and MySQL Database.

This Chat Program is made using graphical components in the Swing toolkit that are made to make your design easier.

Chat Program In Java With Source Code
Chat Program In Java With Source Code

This Chat Program lets you sign in, sign up, chat, create, and join one or more connections.

A chat program connects to a MySQL database that holds users’ records. such as their accounts, chat names, etc.

The design of this project, Multi-User Chat, is very simple so that the user won’t find any difficulties while working on it.

What is a chat program?

In Java, “chat program” or “customer messaging application” are common names for the programs that make chat clients possible.

Chat programs allow you to start conversations with people who are visiting your website for the first time, talk to returning customers, and help your current users.

About The Chat Program

Project Name:Chat Program
Language/s Used:Java (Netbeans)
Type:Desktop Application
Chat Program In Java– Project Information

Chat Program Main Features

  • User Registration
  • User Log In/Logout System
  • Multi User Managing
  • Create Private and Public Group Chat

What is a chat server?

A chat server is a computer whose sole purpose is to provide the processing power needed to keep chatting and its users running smoothly.

For example, IRC has set up thousands of connections to the servers, and each of these servers is considered a chat server that uses IP addresses and public static void main string args to private int port.

What is socket programming?

In Java, socket programming is used to allow programs running on different JREs to talk to each other. It can either be about connections or not about connections.

In general, a socket is a way for a client and a server to connect to each other via a port number and create a socket for a new socket.

What is a server socket?

In Java, Server Socket is a class that implements the server side of a client-server socket connection in a way that doesn’t depend on the system.

If the ServerSocket port can’t listen on the port given, the constructor throws a catch ioexception and catch unknownhostexception (for example, if the port is already being used).

Is Java good for chat app?

Java is now widely used in desktop, mobile, and web applications. It is thought to be the best way to build a chat platform for Android apps and web apps.

Importance of chat program

A chat application makes it easy to talk to people anywhere in the world by sending and receiving messages in real-time.

With a chat program, users can have the same engaging and lively conversations through custom messaging features as they would in a public class.

How do chat programs work?

Chat programs are run by much more powerful servers with software that can stream and compress audio and video.

In addition, it deals with the messages that lead to the input stream and output stream being set up. The chat server takes care of the fact that people want to talk or see each other.

This program also includes a downloadable source code for free. Just find the downloadable button below and click to start downloading.

Chat Program In Java With Source Code Steps On How To Create The Project

Time needed: 5 minutes

These are the steps on how to create a Chat Program In Java With Source Code.

  • Step 1: Create a project.

    First, open the file and then click “project” to create.
    create project

  • Step 2: Create a project name.

    Second, name your project.
    project name

  • Step 3: Create JFrame.

    Third, create a “JFrame” form.
    create jframe

  • Step 4: Create a JFrame name.

    Fourth, name your JFrame form.
    jframe name

  • Step 5: Project Design.

    Fifth, The actual design of the project.
    chat program in java output

Downloadable Source Code Below


The Chat Program is built fully in Java and uses the MySQL Database. It has a full-featured Graphical User Interface (GUI) with all the functionalities that you can use to design your own unique chat application.

This article shows us how to improve our skills and logic, which is important for using the Java programming language, which is the most popular and widely used programming language in many businesses.

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