Database Design for Rice Sales and Inventory Management System


Database Design for Rice Delivery Sales and Inventory Management System

The Database Design for Rice Delivery Sales and Inventory Management System is a product of DBMS mini project. This database design provides information about the customer; whoever uses the system can freely view the knowledge of the customer.

The network contains an inventory of the rice that is listed on its database. The system also manages the information and details of every rice listed and keeping track for the new delivery. It contains a functional database.

Tracking inventory as it is transported between locations. Receiving items into a warehouse or other area. Keeping track of product sales and inventory levels. Cutting down on product obsolescence and spoilage.


The Rice Delivery Sales and Inventory Management System features

  • Manage delivery
  • Order Management
  • Manage product
  • Manage customer

Database Schema: Data Dictionaries

Table 1: customer

Customer_idCustomer id numberInt5
Customer_fnameCustomer first nameVarchar50
Customer_lnameCustomer last nameVarchar50
Contact numberThe contact number of customerVarchar50
addressAddress of customerVarchar50


Table 2: product

Rice_idRice id numberint5
Rice_nameName of the ricevarchar50
pricePrice of the riceDouble


Table 3: transaction

Details_idDetails id numberInt5
Rice_idRice id numberInt5
Handler_nameName of the handlerVarchar100


Table 4: type

Type_idType id numberint5
Rice_ageRice age numberInt5
Rice_idRice id numberInt5
classClass nameVarchar50


Table 6: tbluser

User_idThe user id of the userint5
firstnameFirstname of userVarchar50
LastnameLastname of userVarchar50
usernameUsername of userVarchar50
Contact_numberThe contact number of userVarchar50
addressAddress of userVarchar50
passwordPassword of userVarchar50


Entity Relationship Diagram

Based on Diagram, the Rice Delivery And Inventory Entity Relationship Diagram are entities of the database, represented as a table, are created and organized by providing connections within the database’s table with the idea of providing clear and decisive information to the user itself.

Database Design for Rice Sales and Inventory Management System

The proposed Database Design for Rice Delivery Sales and Inventory manage System ERD are the entity of the Rice Delivery Sales and Inventory management System database, which are presented by tables; the tables are made to meet the required specification of the system and provide much more specific details of each entity within the system.

This DBMS mini-project designed by ms. April May Gargarita.

If you have any questions or suggestion, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

You can download here the inventory management systems pdf.

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