Number List Project in C++ with Source Code

Number List Project in C++ with Source Code

The Number List Project in C++ is an easy project written in the C++ language. The main operation of the project is to add and store a list of numbers. The user can enter as many numbers as they wish and compute the overall mean, as well as identify the lowest and largest. This is a straightforward command-line project that is simple to grasp and utilize. In addition, this project provides a simple approach for the user to learn how to save data in a list. With the aid of this project and its source code, you may learn how to construct utility applications in C++.

About Number List Project in C++

This is a small utility project written in the C++ programming language. This program is meant to keep track of the numbers you enter in a list. The user can choose whether to add new data, calculate the mean from the given numbers, or evaluate the list’s smallest and highest figures. For the list, the system only accepts numbers as data. Finding the mean of the data set, as well as the largest and smallest values in the data set, are the basic operations or activities that may be performed in this project.

About ProjectProject Details
Project Name :Number List Project in C++
Project Platform :C/C++
Programming Language Used:C++ Programming Language
Developer Name
IDE Tool (Recommended):Codeblocks/Command Prompt
Project Type :Desktop Application
Database:File handling
Number List Project in C++ Information

Features Available Number List Project System in C++ Framework

Features Available
Print numbers
Add numbers
Display the smallest number
Display the largest number
Number List Project System C++ Features

Number List Project System in C++ Steps On How To Run The Project

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here’s the steps on how to run the Number List Project System Project in C++

  • Step 1: Download G++ Compiler

    First, To download the g++ compiler just click the link here.
    Download MingW in Number List Project in C++ with Source Code

  • Step 2: Open CMD and Compile

    Next, Open the command prompt(CMD) in your project folder directory.
    open cmd in Number List Project in C++ with Source Code

  • Step 3: Compile Project

    Then, To compile, run the command to execute. – “g++ main.cpp“.
    compile project in Number List Project in C++ with Source Code

  • Step 3: Run Program

    After that, to run the program you need to execute the following command just type “a“.

  • Step 4: Output of the System

    Finally, the image below is the output of the running program of Number List Project in C++.

Downloadable Source Code

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