Employee Record Management System in C with Source Code

This Employee Record Management System Project in C is a consoled based application created using c programming language. This system is a simple mini project and compiled in Code::Blocks IDE using GCC compiler. You can use this console program to perform basic Employee Record functions such as adding employee information, viewing newly added employees, searching for employees, and so on.

This program is based on file handling in C, and it uses file-related functions such as fopen, fread, fwrite, and so on. The good news is that the “Employee Record Management System ” is password-protected, allowing only authorized users to access it.

Employee Record Management System using C language is an easy project for beginners to learn how to build a web-based C language project. We will provide you with the complete source code for the C project so that you can easily install it on your machine and learn how to program in C language.

This Employee Record Management System in C Framework, Also includes a Download Source Code for free, just find the downloadable source code below and click download now.

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To start creating a Employee Record Management System Project in C , make sure that you have a Code Blocks or any platform of C installed in your computer.

Project Name : Employee Record Management System
Project Platform :C/C++
Programming Language Used:C Programming Language
Developer Name :itsourcecode.com
IDE Tool (Recommended):Dev-C++/Codeblocks
Project Type :Desktop Application
Database:Stores data in .DAT file
Employee Record Management System in C with Source Code Overview

Features of Employee Record Management System Project in C with Source Code

  • Add Employee – For the add employee, the user can add new employee information.
  • View Employee – For the view employee, the user can view all the new employee added.
  • Edit Password’s – For the edit password’s, the user can edit/update their own password.
  • Search Employee – For the search employee, the user can search through there employee id.
  • Delete Employee – For the delete employee, the user can delete their own information.
  • Exit – For the exit, the user can also exit in the system.

Employee Record Management System Project in C Steps on How to Create a Project

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here’s the step’s on how to create a Employee Record Management System Project in C with Source Code.

  • Step 1: Create a new project.

    First open the code blocks IDE and click “create a new project“.
    Create a Project Name for Employee Record Management System in C with Source Code

  • Step 2: Choose console application.

    Next, click the “console application” and after that click “next“.

  • Step 3: Choose C language.

    Then , choose “C language” and click “next“.

  • Step 4: Name your project.

    Lastly, name the project you’ve created and click “next” after that click “finish“.

  • Step 5: The actual code.

    Finally, we will now start adding functionality to our C Framework by adding some functional codes.

Downloadable Source Code


In summary, this 2022 Employee Record Management System in C with Source Code can be useful to students or professional who wants to learn C Programming Language. This project can also be modified to fit your personal requirements. Hope this project will help you to improve your skills. Happy Coding!


If you have any questions or suggestions about Employee Record System in C with Source Code, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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