How To Calculate Mean on Excel Easy Steps

This tutorial will explain and elaborate on how to calculate Mean in Excel along with easy steps and examples. Indeed Microsoft excel is designed to analyze and organize numerical data quickly.

For this reason measure of central tendency is a big part thus basically used to represent and identify the central position within the data provided or, more technically, the middle or center in a statistical distribution. Sometimes, they are also classified as summary statistics.

The three main measures of central tendency are Mean, Median and Mode. They all are valid measures of a central location, but each gives a different indication of a typical value, and under different circumstances, some measures are more appropriate to use than others.

Particularly, we will be focused on how to get the MEAN of supplied data

Mean formula in Excel

The mean function is one of the three main measure of central tendency. It is basically known as average of cells was calculated by adding up all the collection of data sets and dividing it by the number of counts.

These mathematical terms including median and mode have different ways of examining the set of data or numbers. Consequently, Excel provides built-in function determining these terms except range, which requires formula to obtain the output.

Furthermore, MEAN is one of the crucial functions in terms of analyzing data. Therefore it is not a waste when you know how to use it. It is helpful considering instances of finalizing the students’ grades or even product sales.

One more thing that MEAN or average function can do is to ignore cells omitting numbers and empty cells. But if you want to include empty cells or values specified as zero, you can use AVERAGEA function which is more likely the same.

The good thing about finding MEAN is that the function you’re gonna use is still available on the following; excel for Microsoft 365, excel 2010, excel 2016, excel 2019, and excel 2021.

Syntax of Mean


Return Value

Average of the set of numerical values


  • value1: required its the values needed to calculate MEAN.
  • value2: Optional. Values to calculate.

How to find mean on Excel

There are bunches of ways to calculate the MEAN of your data in your spreadsheet, it will depend on what data you are trying to exercise. So here are the simple steps to find your mean.

  1. Create the data you will use in your workbook.

    Open your Microsoft Excel, and analyze what data you need. You can have any data such as order sales, student grades, employee salaries, or whatever suits your perspective. Make use of the columns and rows as it is favorable when doing hands-on take advantage to create your design and creativity.

  2. Reorganize your Excel spreadsheet as needed

    If you imported data in your workbook reorganize those data and format it according to the requirements. Actually, this step is not required to finish since you are at hand making your data; it is up to you how you would like to rearrange the data.

  3. Select an empty cell to enter the mean formula

    Calculating MEAN in your excel spreadsheet could be done on the same worksheet you’re analyzing. Select an empty cell so you will not lose any data in the worksheet. You can prefer to be at the bottom of the column or at the right side depending on what is easy for you.

  4. Press Enter to the formula to find the mean

    After you created a formula, just hit enter key to completely see the Mean of your data.

As we have probably known the arithmetic mean is also understood as average. Thus let’s see how to calculate the average, will give few example formulas and instances to clearly understand it.

Basically, to get the mean of a group of numbers: {2,4,6,7, 8,10,12}.

Add them up and then divide the sum by the total number of set: {2,4,6,7, 8,10,12}/7=6

Take a look at this another sample:

Supposedly you are going to get the mean of Smith’s subjects’ scores.

Smith Grades Sample
Smith Grades Sample
  • To get the Mean use this formula: =AVERAGE(B2:E2)
Smith Grades Mean

To get the average of only “Kivell” grades, use an AVERAGEIF formula:

  • =AVERAGEIF(A2:A10,"Kivell",C3:E3)
Averageif function

To calculate the mean of all the student’s averages


You can also enter your conditions in separate cells, and reference those cells in your formulas, like this:

  • =AVERAGEIF(A2:A44,A31,F2:F44)

Reminders for Specifying MEAN calculation criteria

There are more often that you need to meet certain criteria in order to obtain the mean of data. Here are circumstances you will use more specific mean formulas to acquire specified information needed in the calculation.

  • AVERAGEA: If you need to include text or zero value in your calculations.
  • AVERAGEIF: Utilize this formula if you want to get the mean which needs to meet a single criterion of certain information. For instance, you need to find the cells that do not meet a quota or the passing average.
  • AVERAGE IF: Finding MEAN which meets multiple criteria. This scenario implies two or more requirements need to find the MEAN of a sample data, thus use this formula to find the mean of a certain range.

What does ref mean on excel?

The #REF error you encountered when applying your formula is because the formula refers to a cell that is not valid. It always occurs when your cells used as references are pasted or deleted.


Recap on this tutorial How To Calculate Mean on Excel there are several ways to calculate MEAN from single criteria to two or more, including text values. Finding MEAN is similar to average and it uses the same function. Besides, it is beneficial in analyzing data in business, study, and daily activities.

There we have already done what MEAN is. For further clarification and suggestions feel free to leave your comment!

Thank you for reading!

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