Mailtrack for Gmail: How to Track Emails from Gmail?

MAILTRACK FOR GMAIL: HOW TO TRACK EMAILS FROM GMAIL – Mailtrack for Gmail revolutionizes email communication by offering seamless tracking capabilities directly within Gmail.

With real-time notifications and detailed insights, users can effortlessly monitor their email engagement and optimize their communication strategies.

What is Mailtrack for Gmail?

Mailtrack is a browser extension that adds email tracking capabilities. It allows users to see when their emails are opened, providing real-time notifications and detailed insights into recipient engagement.

With Mailtrack, users can monitor the status of their emails and gauge the effectiveness of their communications strategies.

How to Install Mailtrack for Gmail

  • To begin, launch Chrome, navigate to the Chrome Web Store, and select “Add to Chrome.”
  • Proceed by granting the necessary permissions. Finally, click on “Connect with Gmail” to complete the process.

How to Use Mailtrack for Gmail?

To use it, first, install the Mailtrack browser extension from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, open Gmail in your Chrome browser and compose a new email as usual.

You’ll notice a new checkbox labeled “Track” next to the “Send” button. Check this box before sending your email to enable tracking. After sending the email, you’ll receive real-time notifications when your email is opened by the recipient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Mailtrack for Gmail Safe?

Mailtrack for Gmail is designed with security in mind. It adheres to strict privacy standards and does not access the content of your emails. The tracking functionality only monitors when emails are opened, ensuring your data remains protected.

Does Mailtrack for Gmail work with all email accounts?

Mailtrack is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with any account. While it may work with some other email providers, its full functionality is optimized for Gmail.

Can I track attachments with Mailtrack for Gmail?

Currently, Mailtrack for Gmail tracks the opening of emails but does not provide tracking for attachments. However, the team is constantly working on updates and new features, so this capability may be added.


In conclusion, Mailtrack for Gmail offers a valuable solution for tracking email activity, allowing users to gain insights into recipient engagement and assess the effectiveness of their communication strategies.

Providing real-time notifications and detailed tracking capabilities enhances the user experience within Gmail. Its commitment to security and compatibility with Gmail accounts ensures a seamless and trustworthy tracking experience for users.

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