How to View Archived Emails in Gmail?

HOW TO VIEW ARCHIVED EMAILS IN GMAILS – Embarking on the journey of efficient Gmail navigation entails familiar steps and intuitive actions.

Whether on a desktop or the Gmail app, this guide unveils how to explore folders, access essential labels, and efficiently manage archived emails for a seamless user experience.

how to view archived emails in gmail

How to view archived emails in Gmail?Desktop

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Step 1: Begin by accessing your Gmail account in the usual manner. Navigate to the left sidebar beneath sections such as “Inbox,” “Starred,” “Important,” “Sent,” and “Drafts.” Locate the “More” option, denoted by an arrow, and click on it to reveal additional choices.

    Select “More” to unveil additional labels within the folder hierarchy of your Gmail account, including “Spam,” “Trash,” “Drafts,” and the “All Mail” label.

  2. Step 2: Proceed by clicking on “All Mail.” This action will display the “All Mail” label within the expanded folder structure. Click on this label to access and view archived emails in your Gmail account.

How to view archived emails in Gmail app or Android?

  • Step 1: Begin by launching the Gmail application in the customary manner. Expand the folder layout by tapping the menu icon with three lines. Subsequently, you will have visibility into all Gmail folders and labels, including “Inbox,” “Spam,” “Trash,” and “All Mail.”
  • Step 2: Simply tap on “All Mail.” This action allows you to access and peruse all archived messages.

How to view archived emails in Gmail in iPhone?

  • Step 1: Begin by launching the Gmail app in the typical manner. Tap the menu icon with three lines to reveal the folder arrangement. Subsequently, additional labels like “Inbox,” “Spam,” “Trash,” and “All Mail” will become visible.


In conclusion, navigating through the Gmail app involves accessing your account in the usual way and exploring the folder structure.

By following the specified steps, you can uncover additional labels and access the “All Mail” section, which acts as an archive folder, allowing you to conveniently view and manage archived emails across various devices.

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