How to Tab or Indent a Bullet in Gmail? Quick and East Way

HOW TO TAB OR INDENT A BULLET IN GMAIL – In Gmail, the use of bullets goes beyond mere symbols, serving as a powerful tool to organize information and enhance the visual appeal of email communication.

By allowing users to create structured lists and control indentation, Gmail provides a versatile platform for conveying messages with clarity and impact.

how to tab a bullet in gmail
how to tab a bullet in gmail

What is Bullet in Gmail?

In Gmail, a bullet typically refers to a symbol used to create bulleted lists in emails. These lists enhance readability and organization by presenting information in a concise and structured manner.

Users can employ bullets to highlight key points, create a visual hierarchy, and make their email content more visually appealing.

How to Tab or Indent Bullet Points in Gmail using Desktop?

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Open Gmail and begin composing a new email by clicking on the Compose option.

  2. Go to the lower part of the toolbar and find the downward arrow at the bottom right. Then, opt for the fourth selection from the top, denoted as “Indent More,” to implement indentation for your bullet points.

  3. This step will result in the addition of indentation to your bullet points.

  4. If you want to eliminate the indentation, pick “Indent Less,” which is positioned as the fourth option from the bottom. This action will reverse the formatting and erase the indentation.

  5. The indentation will be successfully removed through this process.

How to Tab or Indent Bullet Points in Gmail using iPhone?

  • Open Gmail on your iPhone and begin composing a new email.
  • Type your text and create a list using bullet points.
  • To indent, press and hold the chosen bullet point, then select “Increase indent” from the menu.
  • To reduce the indent, tap and hold the bullet point again and choose “Decrease indent.”
  • Repeat these steps to structure and format your bullet points in Gmail on your iPhone.


In Gmail, bullets are symbols that help create organized and visually appealing lists in emails, aiding concise communication.

Users can emphasize key points and establish hierarchy, with the option to add or remove indentation for effective formatting.

Whether on a computer, Android, or iPhone, consistent processes make it easy to structure and enhance the impact of messages.

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