How to Mark an Email as Important in Gmail?

HOW TO MARK AN EMAIL AS IMPORTANT IN GMAIL – Gmail’s “important” folder stands as a key feature facilitating swift access to crucial messages, employing a dynamic algorithm that considers user behavior, content analysis, and social signals.

Beyond this, users can actively contribute to refining Gmail’s prioritization by employing manual markers on both web browsers and mobile devices.

how to mark an email as important in gmail
how to mark an email as important in gmail

What is the important folder in Gmail?

The Gmail “important” folder serves as a distinctive feature allowing easy access to high-priority messages.

When you choose this folder from the left pane, it activates the “is:important” email filter, instructing Gmail to show only messages labeled as “important.”

Therefore, while referred to as a folder, Gmail’s important designation is essentially an inbox filter option.

What are the reasons why Gmail emails go to important?

User Behavior

  • Gmail analyzes your past interactions with emails to learn which messages you consider important. If you frequently open and respond to emails from a particular sender, Gmail may prioritize similar messages as important.

Content Analysis

  • Gmail’s algorithm evaluates the content of emails, taking into account factors such as keywords, sender reputation, and email structure. If an email contains elements commonly associated with important messages, it may be marked as such.

Social Signals

  • Gmail considers social signals, such as emails from contacts in your Google Contacts list or messages from people you frequently communicate with across Google services. Emails from these sources are more likely to be marked as important.

How to mark an email in Gmail as important? Desktop

  • Open Gmail in your web browser.
  • Find the message you want.
  • Hover over the message until the gray marker appears by the sender’s name.
  • Click the marker to turn it yellow, prompting Gmail to recognize similar messages as important in the future.

How to mark an email in Gmail as important? Android & IPhone

  • Open Gmail on your mobile device.
  • Find and open the specific message.
  • Tap the three dots in the top-left corner.
  • Select “Mark as important.”


In conclusion, Gmail’s “important” folder streamlines access to high-priority messages by utilizing an inbox filter option activated when selecting the folder. This feature is based on a dynamic analysis of user behavior, content elements, and social signals.

Whether on a web browser or mobile device, users can further enhance Gmail’s ability to recognize important messages by manually marking them with a yellow indicator, ensuring future similar messages receive prioritized attention.

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