Reminder App in Android with Source Code

What is Reminder App in Android?

The Reminder App in Android appears and demands your attention, similar to the alerts you see before a meeting or appointment.

The software just serves as a reminder when it’s time to do the task. It can even set up a schedule for phone notifications.

Tasks can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Do you have a tendency to forget things or require reminders for specific tasks? Don’t worry; this software will take care of everything. You can create a basic task reminder app to keep track of all of your responsibilities. It will also send you notifications regarding the position.

Reminder App on Android Features

  • Registering a new task and taking time and date to schedule the job.
  • Displaying all the tasks in the form of a list.
  • Keeping reminders for the task through notifications.

The Flow of Reminder App for Android Project Report:

You should design a home screen with a list of reminders and a screen to take user input about his reminders. Below you can find a clear explanation of how the flow of the application should be:

  1. Showing Reminders using Recycler View or List View.
  2. Embedding a floating action button on the home screen. Using this, the user can add new tasks.
  3. Adding reminders to Sqlite Database.
  4. Setting the alarm Using Alarm Manager and Notification Manager.
  5. Showing Notification using Notification Manager and pending Intent.
  6. Updating the Manifest file with the necessary declarations and permissions.

Project Description

When you have completed all of the qualifications, you are ready to begin. You’ll learn about the recycler view, SQLite Database, Alarm Manager, and Notification Manager in this section. Having a thorough understanding of all of this will make it easier for you to complete the project’s execution.

Reminder App in Android with Source Code : Project Details and Technology

Project Title:Reminder App in Android with Source Code
Abstract :Reminder App in Android It lets you create tasks with a deadline. The app simply reminds you when it’s time to do it.
Project Type:Mobile Application
Technology :Android Studio
Database :SQLite
Developer:IT Source Code
Reminder App Android Studio Source Code – Project Details

Project Output

Reminder App in Android Add Reminder
Reminder App Add Reminder
Reminder App in Android List of Task
Reminder App List of Task

To start executing a Reminder App in Android with Source Code, makes sure that you have Android Studio installed in your computer.

Steps on how to run Reminder App in Android with Source Code

Time needed: 5 minutes

Reminder App in Android with Source Code

  • Step 1: Download source code.

    First, download the source code given below.
    reminder app in android download source code

  • Step 2: Extract file.

    Next, after you finished download the source code, extract the zip file.
    reminder app in android extract file

  • Step 3: Click open project.

    Next, Open android studio and click file and the open project.
    reminder app in android open project

  • Step 4: Run the project.

    Last, right click the project and click run.
    reminder app in android run project

Download Source Code below


Android studio is used to make this project all the way through. Java is used to make sure that the fields are correct, and XML is used to send the data.

People who work on this project keep asking you about the plugins that need to be updated so your internet doesn’t go down. Besides that, you will need to update your SDK version and also your instant run plugins will need to be up to date as well.


If you have any questions or suggestions about the Reminder App in Android with Source Code, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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