School Canteen Point of Sales System



    This School Canteen Point of Sales is created using Visual Basic 2008 and Microsoft Access 2007. There is 2 type of user in this system, the admin, and cashier. Data flow diagram states that the Cashier can access only the sales transaction while admin will be the in-charge of all processes in the system. The Customer can order items that are available in the Inventory. The Inventory will be the stock holder of all the items available and the transactions that will happen while ordered items will be saved in the Database. The Ordered Items will inform the admin that the Customer will buy the item. The Admin or cashier will take in-charge to the item and will deliver it to the Customer. The Admin will manage the records that save in the Database. The Admin will also get the data from the Database to be printed. Printed Daily Sales Records will be the main report viewer to be delivered to the manager.

    Data flow Diagram:


    You can log in using this account:

    username: admin

    password: admin


    System Programmer:

    John Canete


    Download the Source code here.Sales and Stock Inventory (Final Semester)

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    1. I am making a pos system and this is my first program. and need help so much. when i download this source codes and try to open in VB.Net it says error. Cannot open. So can you send me this project files so it will be very helpful. I hope to see a reply..Thank You
      email: [email protected]


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