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KCC Computer Laboratory Inventory Management System

Computer Laboratory Inventory Management System

The purpose of this Computer Laboratory Inventory Management System is to view the status of the item in a particular area or laboratory. It also includes the managing of academic year based on what academic year will be performed, managing of department and area or laboratory based on where the inventory will take place.   […]

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Bicycle Parts Shop System


This bicycle parts shop system has a simple cashiering system that can really the cashier in the transaction. It allows the customer not to roam in the shop anymore. It has a virtual cart that serves as the list of items that the customer ordered.   Features: o   Administrator key o   Calculate orders o   Print […]

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EDM Farm Implements and Retailer Inventory System

EDM Farm Implements and Retailer Inventory System is an automated system that is used by EDM Farm Implements and Retailer in thier inventory process for managing and locating objects or materials. This system can manage all the records of their product and retrieving it with ease. It is also focus on the stock in and stock out of products […]

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Tree Ways Trading Sales Inventory System

Tree Ways Trading Sales Inventory System is an automated sale and inventory process that help business owners track the stock-in and stock-out of their supplies. This inventory system is based on hardware supplies only and it was build in Visual Basic 2008 and MySQL database. In this system, you will find out what are the most […]

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Jocris Motor Parts Sales and Inventory System Using VB.Net and MS Access

Inventory System Using VB.Net

This Sales and Inventory System Using VB.Net and MS Access is a software-based System that can simultaneously track the inventory and sales activity. It contains transactions of entry records of the products purchased, price, customer,  and date and also updating inventory levels. This software is integrated with the barcode scanner for fast processing of sales transactions.       This system was […]

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School Canteen Point of Sales System

This School Canteen Point of Sales is created using Visual Basic 2008 and Microsoft Access 2007. There is 2 type of user in this system, the admin, and cashier. Data flow diagram states that the Cashier can access only the sales transaction while admin will be the in-charge of all processes in the system. The Customer […]

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Tagukon National High School Library System

Library System Software for Tagukon National High School is made by the 4th year graduating students of Kabankalan Catholic College for their capstone. This Library System is composed of Visual Basic 2008 and MySQL Database. It contains relevant features such as:   Transaction Borrow Books Return Books Penalties Books Add New Books List of books Inventory […]

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Complete Inventory Management System


  This Project is Inventory management system which is written in VB.NET as front end and MS SQL Server 2008 r2 as Back-end. Main Features are: Master Entries: Company Info Company’s Contacts Category Sub Category SMS Setting Customers Management Suppliers Management Products Management Expense Vouchers Management Services Management Billing (Products + Services) Invoice Management […]

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Shoe Fairies Inventory System

    Shoe fairies Inventory System includes logging in/log out. The system can also register the new user. It has a home page. It can add, edit, update and delete inventory records. Log in using this account: Username: admin Password:  admin In order to run the system, you must create the database named “dbpdo and […]

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