Clinic Information Management System in VB.Net with Source Code

Clinic Information Management System in VB.Net with Source Code

The Kabankalan Catholic College Clinic Information Management System Project in VB.Net completes all the terms of check-ups, appointments of medication, inventory, and generates reports.

This system provides the standards of the clinic. All of the users of the system have different functionalities to complete each task to operate.

What is Visual Basic’s purpose?

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What are the most important characteristics of Visual Basic?

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The Nurse

  • The nurse can add new medicine and equipment into the system.
  • The nurse can appoint medication both physical and dental medication.
  • The nurse can access only consultations, reports, and lists of inventory.

The Physical Doctor

  • The Physical Doctor can access only the physical module.
  • The Physical Doctor can view the appointment that is assigned by the nurse.
  • The Physical Doctor can generate a report into their module.

The Dental Doctor

  • The Dental Doctor can access only the dental module.
  • The Dental Doctor can view the appointment that is assigned by the nurse.
  • The Dental Doctor can generate a report into their module.

The Administrator

  • The admin can access all modules in the system.
  • The admin can add new users in the system.
  • The admin can view the list of the student as well as the instructor.
  • The admin can view all the reports in the system.

System General Objectives

The KCCCIMS are planned to develop and fulfill some of the problems that occurred in both manual system and also current, to transform into computerized management system and to develop a prototype of the system using vb application.

System Specific Objectives

  1. To provide the quality reporting of records that transacts.
  2. To provide managing physical and dental check-ups services.
  3. To provide fast and reliable transaction in a real time base.

System Scope and Limitation

The researcher’s goal is to develop automated based system for check-up method of the school clinic of the Kabankalan Catholic College since the school still using the manual system in generating reports of inventory and check-up.

The system provides a standard quality for security which had three users to access such as the Nurse, Administrator, Physical Doctor and Dental Doctor.

The Administration, access all the modules in the system namely List of inventory, Consultation, Physical, Dental, and Reports.

For the Nurse, the nurse can access and view only the list of inventory and report. In the list of inventory module, the nurse can update and add inventory medicine and equipment.

And the report module the nurse can generate a report from the appointment and for the whole report that rendered and transact in the system.

As for the Physical Doctor, the Physical module can be accessed, the menu in the Physical module is the appointment and history report. The appointment is to view of the appoint check-up rendered and to be processed.

And for the history report is to generate a report that has access in the appointment. The Dental Doctor has the same procedures in Physical Doctor Module.

Set up the Clinic Information Management System:

Step 1: Download the full Source code here.

Step 2: Extract the file

Step 3: Create a Database in MySQL

Database Name: kcccims

Then from the extracted file, look for the kcccims.sql file and import it to your database.

Step 4: Run the system.

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