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Category: Database

How to Create a Database in the SQL Server 2005

In this tutorial, I will teach how to create a database in the SQL Server Management Studio Express (SSMSE) 2005. SSMSE has a visual appearance to lessen the difficulty and simplifies the database management.   Pre-requisite You need to install the following: SQL Server 2005 Express Edition SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express Edition   Let’s begin:   […]

Library Management System

This is a student project a Library Management system created using Visual Basic 2008 with an LIBSOFT framework, a Libsoft is an integrated, multi-user, user-friendly Library Management Software Package. It has been an excellent performance in various schools, Colleges, universities, Special and Public Libraries. And Microsoft Access as Database support. The system has a feature […]

04-MySQL Syntax

MySQL Syntax MySQL “code” can be easily read unlike the hardest programming languages such as C, C# or C++. There are very few special characters and symbols that are required in creating MySQL query. Most of the queries are composed entirely of English words.      MySQL Strategies The MySQL language is not as complicated than other programming languages. On the other hand, this tutorial […]

03-MySQL Admin

In this section we will learn the different options that are available in administering your MySQL service after it is successfully installed.     MySQL Command Line Command line interface is commonly used by an old-school programmer to perform MySQL queries. If you have already installed MySQL on your Microsoft Windows operating system you can open command line by clicking the Start […]

02-MySQL Setup

MySQL setup guide Purchasing some space on a shared web host is the easiest way to experiment MySQL and PHP. However, you can set up MySQL manually on your personal computer at home. Beginners would find this difficult to do and it require more than a few lessons! So if you’re ready and you think that you got what it takes , go over to […]

Automated Class Record System

This is a simple system designed for teachers/Instructors who find difficult Creating a Class records, Monitoring student performance, this project also can answer the problem in terms of delay during the submission of grades as teacher’s compliance and for CHED’s Monitoring. Software Used: Visual Basic 2008 Microsoft Access Features of the said system: Organization of […]

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