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Category: C++

05 – C++ : Variables

In C++, each variable has a specific type wherein it determines the layout of the variable’s memory and the size. Not just that, it also determines the range of values stored within that memory.   Variable can be consist of characters such as digits, letters, and even an underscore. It either begins with a letter or […]

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04 – C++ : Data Types

Variables play an important role in programming because they simply serve as containers which hold values. Data types are use when declaring a variable to specify the action that you want to perform, it may be a string, integer, character, boolean, double, floating point and etc.   See below the seven basic C++ data types: Type […]

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03 – C++ : Comments

We can say that program comments are important when you are writing a C++ code for your program because it serves as explanatory statements or let’s just say it’s a note to yourself that you put in the sourcecode ( best done before you actually write the codes ). These comments also help anyone reading […]

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02 – C++ : Basic Syntax

C++ program can be intimidating at first but once you start learning about it, you’ll be surprised that it’s only simple and not that complicated like what you think it is. C++ means a collection of objects that interacts through each other’s methods. Now, let’s briefly discuss the object, class, methods and Instance variables.   […]

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01 – C++ : Introduction

This section is designed for everyone who is new to C++. Also, If you want to broaden your knowledge in other programming languages and want to expand your experience in C++, well you are at the right place. This will help the beginners understand the basic to advanced concepts related to C++ Programming language which they will […]

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