How to Create AutoComplete ComboBox in a DataGridView Using C#

AutoCBODTGFig.3In this tutorial, I will teach you how to create an AutoComplete ComboBox in a DataGridView using With this method, you can make the ComboBox become an Auto-Suggest and Append in the DataGridView. This method is very helpful because you don’t need to drop down and select the data in the ComboBox, all you have to do is type the first letter that you want to select. It will just automatically suggest and append the data of your selection.


So, Let’s get started.


Open Microsoft Visual Studio and create a new windows form application for C#. After that, add a DataGridView in the form and it will look like this.


Double-click the form and do the following codes for creating and adding items in the list control of a ComboBox on the first load of the form.

Go back to the Design Views, click the DataGridView and go to the properties. In the properties, hit the lightning symbol and double-click the event handler named EditingControlShowing.


After that, do the codes in the method for the AutoComplete ComboBox in the DataGridView.



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Project Name : How to Create AutoComplete Combo Box in a Data Grid View
Project Platform :C#
Programming Language Used:C# Programming Language
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IDE Tool (Recommended):Visual Studio 2019
Project Type :Desktop Application
Upload Date and Time:July 5, 2016- 6:36 am

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