Use Case Diagram for Student Attendance Management System

The student attendance management system use case diagram summarizes its activities and users. It shows the attendance system’s behavioral structure graphically.

Student Attendance System Use Case Diagram: Details

Name:Student Attendance System Use Case Diagram in UML
Users:School Instructors and Students.
Symbols Used:Actors, Container, Indication, and Use Cases

What is a Use Case Diagram?

In software engineering, the use case diagram shows how the student attendance system might adapt. It shows how the project works by including use cases, actors, and how they work together.

Student Attendance Management System Use Case with Explanation

The “include” indication means that the following use case was compulsory to finish the task and the “extend” indication is otherwise.

Use Case Diagram of Student Attendance Management System in UML
Use Case of Student Attendance Management System in UML

Student Attendance Management System Use Case Diagram Pdf

How to draw a Use Case Diagram?

Time needed: 4 minutes

Here’s the complete guide on how to draw a use case diagram for student attendance management system.

  • Step 1: Familiarize Use Case Symbols

    For beginners in the field of designing the diagram, you need first to familiarize the symbols to be used.

  • Step 2: Determine the targeted users

    The next step is to determine your targeted users. They will be the ones to use your project.

  • Step 3: Analyze the use cases included

    The gathered information from the users needs to be evaluated to know the general use cases.

  • Step 4: Plot the Use Case Diagram

    To plot the diagram you will need the users, use cases, container (scope), and their indicators (association). You will base the flow of use cases on the evaluated information from the users.


The use case diagram is one of the methods that contribute to the Student Attendance Management design and development. It helps developers know the possible inputs and scenarios that the project should process and perform.


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