Class Diagram for Online Food Ordering System

An Online Food Ordering System Class Diagram is a designed diagram that shows the system’s relationships and classes. This UML Class Diagram is made to guide programmers along with the online food ordering system’s development.

It contains the class attributes, operations, and methods, as well as the relationships between classes. These mentioned functions make sure that your online food ordering system development must be online with its functions.

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Designing a Class Diagram for Online Food Ordering

You must be informed that an online food ordering system is a website or app that allows customers to examine the menu and place an order, as well as an admin interface that allows the restaurant to receive and fulfill the customer’s order.

Customers benefit from online food ordering since it assures that prices are precise and that there is less room for error when it comes time to pay the bill. Customers have to choose an item from a menu that has a price next to it. This makes sure that the right amount is always paid. 

How to Construct Online Food Ordering System UML Class Diagram?

Now, to create the diagram for the online food ordering system, you will first determine the classes. So the classes that must be made in an order are the dishes, orders, customers, deliveries, payment, menu, and the admin or crew.

The mentioned classes were just general. If you want a more complex or wider scope of your online food ordering system, then you can add your desired classes. You must also include the database on your class diagram for your system.

Simple Class Diagram Online Food Ordering System

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here, I will be showing the structure of the sample constructed Online Food Ordering System Class Diagram.

  1. Determined the classes

    The classes in the diagram are represented as boxes with three rectangles inside each box.

  2. Name the classes

    The name of the class is in the top rectangle, the class’s properties are in the middle rectangle, and the class’s methods, which are also called operations, are in the bottom rectangle. 

    It was provided with its attributes with matching methods. This is constructed with the simple idea derived from the common function.

  3. Determined the attributes

    After the classes were determined, which are symbolized by boxes.

    The class process and class methods were designated with their corresponding attributes and show the class methods.

    Their relationships are also plotted to show the connections between classes and their multiplicity.

  4. The output of the class diagram

    UML Class Diagram for Online Food Ordering System

Extra Tips for Online Food Ordering UML Class Diagram

To design your class diagram, you may use platforms and editing tools online. These tools are helpful since they already have the needed symbols to illustrate your class diagram.

You just have to plot the included actors and objects. Then you will enter the appropriate messages that the system requires.

The platforms or online tools that you may use are:

  • Lucidchart
  • Creately
  • SmartDraw
  • Edrawmax
  • Canva


The Online Food Ordering System is a model that shows its classes and how they work together. The diagram shows the names of the classes and their attributes, as well as their links and methods.

It is the most important type of UML diagram, which is important for making software. It’s a way to show the structure of the system in detail, including its properties and how it works.


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