Installing jQuery


jquery-javascriptIn this tutorial shows you how to install jQuery on the page document. There are two ways in installing jQuery on the document of a page.

  • Development

  • Production


Development is used by web developers for the offline developement of a website because of its uncompressed codes.



Description: There are many avaibale version that are ready to download in the without any cost.


Production is used by web developers for a website that has already live  because it is minified and compressed.



Google CDN


Microsoft CDN

Note: The jQuery library is a single JavaScript file that its referenced within <script> tag of the html. This <script> tags are usually placed inside the <head> section.


The jQuery 1.10.2 version is more convenient than the CDN(Content Delivery Network) because web users have already downloaded jQuery from Microsoft or Google everytime they visit another website. And the result of that is, if they visit your site, it will automatically be loaded from the cache that makes loading time more faster. While most CDN’s assures the user’s request a file from it, to make the servers closest to them that may also leads for a faster loading time. Thats why, it’s much better to use the jQuery than the CDN.


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