Datepicker in jQuery


calendarUIjqueryPIDatepickers in jQuery has the ability to allow users to enter dates with ease and accuracy.  It is convenient to users where they can customize the format of the date and language. You can also restrict the selectable date ranges and even add buttons and other functionality easily.


jQuery contains datepicker() method that generates a datepicker and modifies the look of HTML elements on a web page when you add new CSS classes



You can use datepicker() method in two forms:

  • $(selector).datepicker (options)
  • $(selector).datepicker (“action”, [params])


selector – can be use with an id, class and name of an HTML elements.

options – It specifies the appearance and behavior of the datepicker elements.


Example of  $(selector).datepicker (options):

  • Default functionality

  • Alternate Date function

  • beforeShowDay function:

  •  buttonImage,  buttonImageOnly and showOn

  • defaultDate, dayNamesMin, and duration

  • showWeek and showAnim

Example of $(selector).datepicker (“action”, [params])

  • setDate() action


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