PHP Get Class Name with Advance Example

In this tutorial, we will learn the PHP get class by name with the help of an example.

What is get_class in PHP?

A get_class is a built-in function in PHP that is used to return the name of a class of an object.

Syntax Use:

get_class(object $object = ?): string


Object: It is the tested object. This parameter may be removed inside a class.

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Return Values

  • A get_class() function will return the name of the class of an object.
  • When the object is removed inside a class, then it will return the names.
  • When the object returns FALSE IT IS NOT an object.
  • It returns FALSE if object is not an object. When the object is avoided in inside a class, it will returned the names.

For Example:


class php {
    function tutorial()
        echo "This is my program in tutorial " , get_class($this) , "\n";

$live = new php();

echo "This tutorial is get class name in  " , get_class($live) , "\n";




This tutorial is get class name in example
This is my program in tutorial example

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Use Reflection Class to Get Class Name in PHP

The reflection class is a

Reflection Class is a short step to get a class name in PHP. We will create a class; Inside in this class, which is to make a function that will returns a new Reflection class.

Furthermore, a reflection class it must have its argument set to $this. Then, we will get the class name through the getShortName() function available within the Reflection class.

    // For Defining a class
    class Example {
        // This is the function that returns the class

        public function ExampleOfClassName() {
            return (new \ReflectionClass($this))->getShortName();

    // This is to make a new class name
    $example_class_name = new Example();

    // This is to get Get the class name
    echo $example_class_name->ExampleOfClassName();




To conclude, we already discuss the PHP get_class name, the syntax used, the parameters, the return values and the examples.

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