Insert Multiple Image in PHP MySQL


Good day! Today, I will tackle about Insert Multiple Image in PHP MySQL. I hope that this topic would help you especially those newbie programmers who find it difficulty in inserting image MySQL Database using PHP.

Follow the given steps for Insert Multiple Image in PHP MySQL.

Step 1. Database Setup

In this step, we are going to execute a query that will create a table that will serve as storage for our images. This table named “tbl_images”.

Step 2. Setting Up Connection

In this step, we will create a connection between PHP and MySQL.

Here’s the following code.


Step 3. Create index.php file

In index.php file, it will allow the user to select the image. Here’s the following code.

Step 4. Create insert.php file

In this file, it will insert your image location to your database.

Step. 5 Finally, create a folder named filelocation for the images destination.

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