Car Rental Management System Project in Node JS with Source Code

Car Rental Management System Project in Node JS with Source Code

This Car Rental Management System Node JS with MongoDB Database project is a fully functional project created in Node JS. The Node JS MongoDB project that follows contains all of the capabilities that final-year IT students will require for their college projects. It includes a number of functions that aid in the management of employee payroll. The core of this system, as well as the online application, are self-evident. It was well-done and eerily similar to real-life scenarios. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the Download button to get a free Car rental Management system project in Node JS MongoDB with source code files.

About ProjectProject Details
Project Name :Car Rental Management System Project in Node JS
Project Platform :NodeJS Framework
Programming Language Used:NodeJS Language
Developer Name
IDE Tool (Recommended):Sublime, VS Code
Project Type :Web Application
Car Rental Management System Project in Node JS with Source Code Information

About Car Rental Management System Node JS

Car Rental Management System Node JS is a web-based program that was created to provide car dealerships with digital retail services in order to facilitate zero-contact sales and services. It effortlessly connects the dealership and organizes and tracks all car sales, service, and parts inventories, enhancing dealership efficiency. Customers may browse and then view the whole specification of each vehicle listing, including its features, before purchasing the vehicle that best suits their needs, resulting in an excellent retail experience. Instead of using traditional data management methods such as manual records or file systems, this is a simple yet effective management system for managing dealership data records. Their consumers may always inspect the numerous automobiles and spare parts listed on the website for sale from the comfort of their own homes. As a result, they are able to save money, time, and provide more comfort to their clients.

Car Rental Management System using Node JS Description

The Car Rental Management System is a basic NodeJS/MongoDB project that aids in the management of a certain car rental company’s rental records. This system has two sides: an admin side and a client side. The admin side of the auto rental management system is where the company’s management controls rental records and other pertinent data, such as a list of the company’s available cars for rent. The client-side or borrower-side will function as the company’s booking website for their customers. The automobile rental management will verify each booked rental to ensure the client’s dependability and booking data. The available cars for rent are classified by categories, transmission type, and engine type so that borrowers can choose their preferred automobile to rent based on these data if it is available for his or her specified pickup and drop-off day and time. This technology saves the car’s registration number and plate for the company’s records, allowing them to determine which automobile is being used by the customer and whether or not the client has already picked up/dropped off his or her rented vehicle.

Features Available Car Rental Management System in Node JS and MongoDB

  • Login page – is where the system administrator or company employees enter their system credentials to gain access to the system’s data.
  • Home page – After logging into the system, the system admin or staff will be led to this page by default.
  • Car Category Website – This page lists and manages all of the company’s rental car categories.
  • Car Page – is where the admin or a staff user can manage the list of cars available for rent.
  • Engine Types Website – This page lists and manages the many automotive engine types.
  • Customer Page – The system administrator handles the list of system users and their credentials on this page.

How to run Car Rental Management System Project in NodeJS?

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here’s the step’s on how to run a Car Rental Management System Project in NodeJS

  • Step 1: Install NodeJS

    First, You need to download the NodeJS and install.

  • Step 2: Open Command Prompt(CMD)

    Next, go to the project folder directory then type CMD to open the command prompt.

  • Step 3: npm install or npm i

    Then, After you open the CMD, type npm install” in your command prompt to install the npm dependencies and libraries.

  • Step 4: nodemon .bin/www

    Lastly, type “nodemon .bin/www” in your command prompt to run the project.
    run project in Car Rental Management System Project in Node JS with Source Code

  • Step 5: localhost:5000

    Finally, type “localhost:5000” in your browser, type the following code to access your project dashboard.
    copy url in Car Rental Management System Project in Node JS with Source Code

Download Source Code below


The project is separated into three categories: Admin, and User Login. The admin has complete control over the system and can manage all inventory information. It shows all of the sales items, as well as their individual purchasing and selling prices, total cost, date, quantities, and total profits with profit margins. A free open-source CSS framework, Bootstrap with CSS, is used for the UI components.

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  1. svp j’ai une erreur dans l’exécution ce code rental car
    lorsque je taper nodemon .bin/www
    ‘nodemon’ n’est pas reconnu en tant que commande interne
    ou externe, un programme exécutable ou un fichier de commandes.

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