Modulenotfounderror: no module named skfuzzy [SOLVED]

If you are encountering this error messagemodulenotfounderror: no module named skfuzzy, right now.

It just indicates that the Python interpreter is unable to find the module ‘skfuzzy’, which is needed to run your code.

The modulenotfounderror: no module named skfuzzy is an error in Python, and sometimes it can be annoying if it is not resolved right away.

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll show you the simple yet effective solutions that resolve the error.

What is modulenotfounderror: no module named skfuzzy?

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'scikit-fuzzy'

This error message usually arises when you are trying to import the module “skfuzzy” into your program in Python.

However, the module is not found in your Python environment or on your computer because it is not installed.

You have to install the “skfuzzy” module in your Python environment in order to run the program smoothly. You easily install the module using pip.

What are the causes of modulenotfounderror: no module named skfuzzy

1. The module is not installed

If you didn’t install the skfuzzy module, you will definitely get this error.

2. Misspelled module name

One of the most common causes of this error is a misspelling of the name of the module. Make sure you have spelled the name of the module correctly.

3. Incorrect module path

When the module is installed on a different path, the Python interpreter certainly won’t access it.

4. Incorrect version of the module

When you’ve already installed the skfuzzy module, but the version of it is not compatible with the Python version you are currently using, this causes an error immediately.

How to fix modulenotfounderror: no module named skfuzzy

Here are the effective solutions for the modulenotfounderror: no module named skfuzzy.

It is very easy just open your command prompt (Windows) or terminal (MacOS or Linux).

Then, execute the following command:

1. Installing the “skfuzzy” module

You can do this using the pip package manager by running the following command in your terminal or command prompt:

Reinstall skfuzzy


Reinstall skfuzzy

You can also use the command below:

Installing the "skfuzzy" module

By following the command this install the “scikit-fuzzy” module, which includes the “skfuzzy” module, that is required in your Python code.

2. Check Python environment

You have to make sure if you are running your code in the same environment where in you did installed the “skfuzzy” module. You can use the following command

Check Python environment


Note: If you are using virtual environments, then you have to activate the relevant environment before running the code.

3. Upgrading pip and module

When pip is outdated some error usually occur with the installations of module. You can upgrade pip using the following command:

Upgrading pip

To upgrade the module:

upgrading module

4. Check module name

You have to check the spelling of the module correctly. If you are not sure about the correct spelling, you can easily check the official documentation or the PyPI repository.

5. Check import statement

Ensure that you are importing the correct module with the correct spelling.

The import statement should look like this →import skfuzzy.

6. Check Pythonpath

When you installed skfuzzy package or module in a different location, you have to add the directory containing skfuzzy to your PYTHONPATH. You can use the following command:

→ export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/path/to/skfuzzy.

7. Check skfuzzy module version

You have to make sure that you are using the correct version of the skfuzzy module, which should be compatible with the Python version you are currently using.

You can simply check the version of the module using the following command:

Check skfuzzy module version

8. Reinstall skfuzzy

If the above solutions do not resolve the error, try to reinstall the module skfuzzy by the following command:

To uninstall the module:

Uninstall skfuzzy
Proceed (Y/n)?

You just have to type (y) which means yes, and it automatically uninstall the module. Then after that, you have to reinstall the module

Reinstall skfuzzy

or you can also use the command below.

Reinstall skfuzzy


The modulenotfounderror: no module mamed skfuzzy is an error that occurs when you don’t install the required module.

Not just that, there’s a lot more, which you already read above.

However, by following the solutions that we provided in this article, you can easily fix this error and continue working on your project smoothly.

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Thank you very much for reading until the end of this article.

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