Modulenotfounderror: no module named apt_pkg

In this article, we learn how to solve Importerror No module named apt_pkg.

Why this error occur?

The modulenotfounderror: no module named apt_pkg error occur because the Python-apt package is either not installed or is not compatible.

For solving this error (no module named apt_pkg) is easy to reinstall or upgrade the Python-apt package. There are different ways to complete this.

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Steps to install /reinstall/upgrade the apt_pkg.

Time needed: 2 minutes

Here are the steps to install /reinstall/upgrade the apt_pkg.

  • Step 1: apt-get install python-apt

    First, for installing the Python-apt package, we’ll use apt-get.

    This command is for the Linux Operating System.
    type this command:

    apt-get install python-apt

    If you are not an administrator user, You should add sudo before this command.

    Then, it will ask for the password to enter and we can use this command.

    “sudo apt-get install python-apt”

  • Step 2: sudo apt-get install python3-apt --reinstall

    There is no need to uninstall the existing python-apt package.

    However, we will use the following command to reinstall it.

    It will change the inappropriate version with the compatible or the latest one.
    Type this command:
    udo apt-get install python3-apt –reinstall

  • Step 3:  Set at the location

    When we look at the development of this python-apt package.

    It is generally a “.so” file type.

    This is not accurately set at the location “/usr/lib/python3/dist-package”.

    We will use the following command by setting manually the file at the exact location.

    /user/lib/python3/dist-packages# cp

    On the above command will copy the to

    The method below is also used to arrange files correctly.

    cd /user/lib/python3/dist-packages sudo ln -s apt_pkg.cpython-{35m,34m}

  • Step 4: Solved the Error

    You only need to do that.

    Here, we’ve mostly discussed about how to solve the error mentioned above.

    The first one will help with package installation, the second one addresses reinstallation, and the third one has to do with a path set issue.


One of the most helpful packages is apt pkg. Particularly when other modules are set up.

I’m hoping that using the procedures indicated above will make fixing this mistake simply.

Most of the possibilities have been attempted to be handled.

However, if you believe there is still anything. Please inform us.

We will unquestionably assist you in resolving the “no module apt pkg” error bug.

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