Modulenotfounderror: no module named _cffi_backend

In this article, we will learn the solutions on how to solve the modulenotfounderror no module named _cffi_backend.

Why does error occur?

The no module named ‘_cffi_backend’ occurs because the system cannot find the installed library of cffi. Also, the cause of this error is that have not installed the cffi with the used of the command pip install cffi. In other words, on your system you installed different versions of python and the cffi it doesn’t installed in an appropriate version when you are using.

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How to solve the modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘_cffi_backend’

Time needed: 3 minutes

Here are the solutions to solve the no module named _cffi_backend.

  • Solution 1: Install Library cffi

    The most possible reason is that the Python does not provide cffi in its python standard library. You must install it first.

    To solve this error, in your project root directory open command prompt(CMD). Run this following command:
    pip install cffi

  • Solution 2: Update Pip

    In this command pip installs cffi in your virtual environment variable on Windows, Linux and MacOS. Make sure that your pip version is updated. If it is not, you will use this command in your project root directory, open command prompt(CMD):
    python -m pip install –upgrade pip

  • Solution 3: Install the PIP virtual environment in Python 3

    This is the command to install the PIP virtual environment in Python 3:
    pip3 install cffi

    or with PIP

    python3 -m pip install cffi

  • Solution 3: Install in server side

    If you have the trouble in server side. This is the following command to install in server side.
    pip install –user cffi

  • Solution 4: Install in Ubuntu

    The following command to install in Ubuntu:
    sudo apt install cffi


To conclude in this article, we provide the solutions above on how to solve modulenotfounderror no module named _cffi_backend in Windows, Sever Side and Ubuntu.

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