How To Remove Commas From String JavaScript? 3 Methods

In certain situations, removing commas from strings in JavaScript becomes essential to facilitate mathematical operations, data transformation, and validation processes.

In fact, commas, serve as valuable tools for list separation, number formatting, and data storage, can sometimes pose challenges in JavaScript programming.

This article explores the reasons behind the need to remove commas from strings in JavaScript, delving into various scenarios where this operation proves crucial.

By understanding the techniques involved and the potential benefits, you can enhance your string manipulation skills and overcome programming challenges with finesse.

Why remove commas from string javascript?

Commas serve as valuable tools for separating items within lists, denoting thousands in numbers, and separating values in data storage like CSV files.

However, there are instances when removing commas becomes essential:

1. Data Formatting

Sometimes, you might have strings containing numbers with commas as thousands of separators.

These commas are visually helpful but can hinder mathematical operations. By removing them, you can convert strings to numbers without errors.

2. Data Transformation

When dealing with data stored in CSV format, you might want to remove commas to process the data more effectively.

This could involve sorting, filtering, or parsing the data for specific use cases.

3. Validation

In input fields where commas are not allowed, such as username fields or numeric inputs, removing commas ensures the integrity of the data.

how to remove commas from a string javascript?

Take the following steps to utilize JavaScript’s versatility for eliminating commas from a string and achieving the intended outcome:

Using replace() Method

One of the simplest approaches is to use the replace() method along with a regular expression to target all commas in the string.

The following code demonstrates this:

let strngWithComma = "Welcome, To, IT, SOURCE, Code, Remove, string, commas";
let result = strngWithComma.replace(/,/g, '');


When you run this code, it will output the inputString with all the commas removed, resulting in the following output:

Welcome To IT SOURCE Code Remove string commas

Split and Join Method

An alternative efficient technique entails dividing the string into an array using the split() function and subsequently merging the array elements using the join() function:

let strWithComma = "We, remove, commas, from, string, using, split, and, join.";
let strArr = strWithComma.split(',');
let result = strArr.join('');


When you run this code, it will first split the inputString into an array using the comma, as the delimiter, and then it will join the elements of the array back together without any commas using the join() method.

The output will be:

We remove commas from string using split and join.

Regular Expressions

Regular expressions offer a strong method for eliminating not just commas, but also a range of different patterns from strings.

Here’s how you can do it:

let strWithComma = "This sting, use, regex to remove commas.";
let result = strWithComma.replace(/,/g, '');


When you run this code, it will remove all the commas from the inputString using a regular expression and the replace() method.

The output will be:

This sting use regex to remove commas.


Removing commas from strings in JavaScript is a versatile skill that finds its utility in various scenarios. From data transformation to ensuring data integrity, the ability to remove commas opens up new possibilities for string manipulation.

With the replace() method and regular expressions at your disposal, you have the tools to seamlessly accomplish this task. Remember, mastering string manipulation will empower you to handle diverse programming challenges effectively.

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