This is an Introduction in Student Information System.
Today, I’m going to create a Student Information System. This is a step by step tutorial in which you can follow the procedure easily. This system is very helpful and hassle free because this allows the user to automatically search every Student’s Information.


In this project, I’m going to use Visual Basic 2008 and MS Access Database for the database.


So, Let’s Begin:


These are list of modules that I’m going to tackle.

Constructing Database

Setting Up Connection Between MS Access Database and Visual Basic 2008

Academic Year

  • Add New School Year
  • List of School Year
  • Update School Year
  • Remove School Year

Year Level

  • Add New Year Level
  • List of Year Level
  • Update Year Level
  • Remove Year Level


  • Add New Student
  • Lisrt of Student
  • Update Student
  • Remove Student


  • Add New User
  • List Of Users
  • Update Users
  • Remove user


  • Master List

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