102 – Graphical User Interface Using VB .Net for Payroll System

In designing the graphical user interface using VB.Net, it is important to take note the following guidelines. We as programmer often have the tendency to design our program with colorful menus or so to say the GUI with the standard as of the mobile application which lead us to a more complicated work loads.

However, what is important is the design should be in Business presentation and would fit the industry guidelines and standards. Make it very simple and user-friendly. The arrangement of icons or buttons should also be in a step by step manner. This example will guide you on how to design application in accordance with the standard business.

First, design your main together with the menu arrange in a context or as in the manual procedure.

The image below shows the main form which is composed of the form and the tool strip. The properties of the form are the following: WindowState is set to Maximized, and it should have the size 1293, 750. Add the following menu in the toolStrip: Employee, Basic Pay, Loan, CA, SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-ibig, and Reports.

You have to change the properties of the toolStrip so that what your designing would look exactly as mine. GripMargin 1,1,1,1; ImageScalingSize 32, 32; and Size 1277, 54.

For the Images, you may use another image to fit for your customization project.

Another technique to practice is to name our toolStip menu properly so that during the coding it would be very easy to call them. Since we are using a toolStrip it should be better to use ts at the begging of its menu name. For example, for the employee tsEmployee, for Basic Pay tsBasicPay and so on.

If you have any questions of suggestion about the designing of a graphical user interface using VB.Net, please feel free to contact me at our contact page.

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