Sales and Inventory System Chapter 1 Thesis Documentation

Sales and Inventory System Chapter 1 Thesis Documentation

This Sales and Inventory System Chapter 1 Thesis Documentation is to provide efficient tracking of the stock merchandise and facts, to keep accuracy inside the computation of merchandise and supply safety to their personal and computerized income and stock machine and transaction records may be kept in safe.

Sales and Inventory System Chapter 1 Thesis Documentation: Project Context

Some businesses are highly engaged in a computerized technology aiming for a high production, and also to become more competitive in the world of business. Computerized sales and inventory system helps a lot in such way that makes the work more productive and progressive, this will also provide an easier way of doing sales and inventory of products.

Today the advancement of technology gives efficiency and reliability to the user and it gives them the easiest way in managing and monitoring transactions. By these changes it gives big impact in the society by making the work easy. Managing a wide company is not easy because it takes a big responsibility to maintain the processes fluently.

Computerized Sales and Inventory System is developed to help the company in managing transaction records. It helps the company in providing information in tracking of past and present transactions.Manual sales and inventory system are not usually applicable in a big company because it will give the office staff hard time in computing and monitoring of products that are being obtained and acquired by the company, it also delayed the transactions.

Using a manual system cannot be a hundred percent secured because it can be easily tampered or misplaced by the management. The advancement of technology gives a lot of improvement in the sales and inventory system.

Sales and Inventory System Chapter 1 Thesis Documentation: Purpose and Description

The purpose of the computerized sales and inventory system is to give efficient tracking of the inventory products and records, to maintain accuracy in the computation of products and give security to their personal and transaction records will be kept in safe.

Computerized sales and inventory system give the company the ease in accessing the sales and inventory records that reduce the time consumption during transaction process and helps them to track down the products that are being obtained and acquired by the company.

The first process of the sales and inventory system is that after the customer ordered a product from the staff, the staff will then check if the product is available and then add the information of the customer and also the product that he/she orders.

After adding the information of the customer, the cashier will process the transaction either it is installment or through cash basis and after that the cashier will give a receipt to the customer.

RV Empire Sales and Inventory System Chapter 1 Thesis Documentation: General Objectives

The research aims to develop RV Empire Incorporated Sales and Inventory System more accurate, fast, manageable in terms of its uses; to optimize efficiency, full access security in keeping the important data such as their sales and inventory reports as well as personal records.

Specific Objectives

1. To give solution or to minimize the problems that the current system encountered like the delayed process during sales and inventory transactions, inaccurate computations for sales and inventory of products, and also the security of important records.

2. Provide a user-friendly system that would give the company easy, accurate, and manageable in terms of its purpose and functionality.

3. Provide security for all the  files and records regarding business transactions so that it may not be tampered or misplace by the management.

4. Monitor effectively the product that was been acquired, distributed and produce sales report accurately.

Sales and Inventory System Chapter 1 Thesis Documentation: Scope and limitation of the Study

The study is limited only for RV Empire Incorporated that covers six (6) office employees: the business Manager, Stock Clerk, Assistant Manager, Cashier, Sales Manager, and Collector; three (3) sales agents, and the company supplier.

The system doesn’t support barcode tracking of products for their prices, doesn’t also support online transactions, and accepting payment through credit cards.This will also tackles the problems in their manual system during computations, the unsecured inventory data, delayed system process, and security during inventory process.

Along with the process, the sales incurred by the said establishment will be computed and updated automatically during every transaction. The system provides fast searching of products to respond to product inquires; generate accurate records on the inventory, sales and transactions;

it also provide security for the protection of the stored database especially business transactions, in line with this the security for the database will be accompanied by the user who logged in using their account so that it can be monitored by the owner.

Sales and Inventory System Chapter 1 Thesis Documentation: Significance of the study

This study is significant and beneficial to the following:

Company Administrator. The company administrator is responsible for all the records, responsible for modification and delete transaction and personal records of the office worker.

Cashier. Cashier is reliable in processing the transaction of the customer, provides sales and inventory reports for future purposes.

Sales clerk. Sales clerk monitors the inventory of products during and after the transaction, sales clerk can add new record of appliances and furniture to the warehouse. They also manage the processing of transaction of the ordered products from the supplier.

Office staff. Office staff will monitor and check the condition of the products in the warehouse so that the company can provide good quality of products to the customer. They also manage to add the information of the customers.

Customer. Customer is the one, who bought the product of the company; they were also involved during the transaction of product and receive receipt from the cashier.

Future Researcher. The future researchers could also use this study as their sample study guide for their future researches that is also related to their system analysis and design project.

Sales and Inventory System Chapter 1 Thesis Documentation: Definition of Terms

For the clarification of the common understanding, the following are the key words in this study and defined as follows:

Computerized­– Operationally, to use a computer in order to provide paper works through computer, but in this study computerized means upgrading the manual system of the RV Empire Inc in order to provide easy and accurate process for every transaction.

Hardware – Operationally, Component devices which use to create a personal computer to operate the process of the said solution for staffs and other employee of RV Empire Incorporated.

Inventory – Operationally, This refer to the warehouse of RV Empire Incorporated in which they keep their products delivered by their suppliers.

Record– Operationally, capturing a scenario, listing of something that is important, but in this study record is refer as the products, information, or transactions that the company needed to process in order to provide the RV Empire Inc. system needs.

Reports – Operationally, a statement that tells about something that happened or gives information about something, but in this study reports are the important accounts of transactions that the RV Empire Incorporated needed in order to provide a valid proof of their sales and inventory transactions.

RVEmpireIncorporated– Operationally, is a company which involves in selling of furniture and appliances. It was been established in the year 2013 and its original was Rhine Enterprises. RV Empire Inc is the company in which the proposed system will be implemented.

Sales – Operationally, the act of selling a product or service in RV Empire Incorporated which involves the cashier and the customer during transactions.

Software– is a conceptual entity which is a set of computer programs in which use to process the procedures and concerned with the operation of a data processing system.

System– Operationally, It is representing for monitoring and cashiering of sales in RV Empire Incorporated.

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